System Development & Advocacy


Through an extensive discovery and research program, C4 partnered with two separate municipalities (selected for lack of formal treatment infrastructure / resources) in Istanbul, Turkey to develop and launch two sustainable continuums of recovery services that are patient- informed, practice based and driven by proximal and long term clinical outcomes. The two systems were launched in 2014, currently employ over 20 employees and have treated over thousands of individuals and their families since inception. C4 currently subsidizes and provides ongoing management and training support services for these treatment systems.

The most important facet of the programs is the recognition that recovery is more closely related to life skills and community than clinical theory and practice. Although clinical protocols may be employed as driven by individual client need, what does sustain recovery are real life services such as employment, housing, transportation, childcare etc. that meet the clients’ needs as they understand them.

In this program the client is not merely the individual but is also the family and community. Rather than a rigid level of care the program represents a continuum driven by the needs of these clients.

Program Design

  • Identify all relevant stakeholders in the community i.e. those who represent services that will impact and support recovery – these should be both clinical/medical, social/legal and spiritual
  • Have an introductory meeting of all community stakeholders at the center
  • Identify a representative in each stakeholder group who will perform an advisory role and be willing to participate in meetings at the center
  • Center participation in community meetings and events
  • Meet with stakeholders individually both in the community and beyond for networking purposes
  • Provide literature and information regarding treatment and recovery to combat stigma
  • Have an open-door policy where community members can drop in to discuss addiction issues
  • Be the subject matter experts who people will contact when they need information about addiction and recovery

DINE (Navajo) Suicide Prevention Project

For the last 8 years C4 in conjunction with the Navajo Nation, SAMHSA and the Thoreau Community Center has been involved in a very successful suicide mitigation project in the 4 county area surrounding Thoreau Arizona in the heart Of the DINE homeland. The adolescent suicide rate for Native Americans is 14 times that of Caucasians. Working with its partners C4 developed a culturally appropriate service system that encompasses early identification and engagement in the school system and community, followed by supporting activities delivered through the local network of lodges. To date, the suicide rate in the area has been greatly lowered. SAMHSA is interested in expanding the program to the whole of Navajo country. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.