C4 Consulting

C4 Consulting is a firm committed to the financial and operational support of behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations. We help our clients improve financial and competitive position, which optimizes the overall performance of the organization. We also provide clinical and program enhancement to improve outcomes through technical assistance and training.

C4 Learning

C4 Learning, the recently launched online learning initiative of C4 Recovery Foundation, has synthesized a powerful combination of live and recorded educational content. Through this blended approach, C4 Learning delivers an advanced, interactive learning experience addressing the needs of providers, policymakers, healthcare systems and other stakeholders. C4 Learning continuously seeks to improve its platform to provide the best learning experience for the Behavioral Health field encompassing the latest technological developments and instructional methodologies.

C4 Linx

C4 Linx is a free and innovative online networking community. Our intelligent approach to making connections applies modern practices to tried-and-true networking principles. The result is an easier time finding and forming meaningful, useful, and durable contacts.