Mentor (Experiential) Training & International Professional Exchange Program (GAP-X)

An individualized learning experience. GAP-X, which C4 operates in partnership with the Levenson Foundation, is a global addiction professional exchange program that fosters and funds the bi-lateral exchange of individual addiction professionals between US providers and participating partner addiction treatment programs. Each custom program is a formal collaboration with a variety of professionals and treatment providers designed to help bridge cultural, ethnic, political, international, academic, and religious gaps that inhibit the advancement of addiction treatment sciences around the world. If you have any questions about this don’t hesitate to reach out.


C4 promotes the use of harmonized global frameworks for substance use and addiction treatment. C4 is a partner and financial supporter of iCAAD, a UK-based international platform dedicated to expanding knowledge, exchanging ideas and advancing the industry in the prevention and treatment of emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. C4 works directly with iCAAD to host European conferences and educational events focused on encouraging dialogue and education related to addiction treatment and providing support in the development of new policy. Additionally, the partnership is actively developing an online information and research repository.