Welcome to C4 Recovery Foundation

C4 Recovery Foundation – a 501(c)(3) non-profit Public Charity is dedicated to improving the access, quality, and integrity to behavioral and societal wellness initiatives.

For almost four decades, C4 has implemented its core purpose nationally and internationally in locales ranging from underserved and underprivileged populations in the US to extensive international work in Europe, Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and the Caribbean.


C4 Recovery Foundation invests in systemic change for underserved and heavily traumatized people who are severely challenged by race, socio-economic position and surrounding political environment to improve their behavioral and social wellness.

Core Truths

  • C4 is dedicated to the premise that we all benefit when the burdens created by behavioral health and substance use disorders are effectively addressed. Furthermore: C4 believes there is a disproportionate societal advantage to people of wealth and that people of color are particularly at risk.
  • We believe that all stakeholders must collaborate, use current knowledge, and dedicate themselves to the needs of individuals, families, and communities, and that this can only occur when precise, complete, and rigorous knowledge is easily accessed and effectively conveyed.
  • We believe that behavioral health and substance use disorders represent a fundamental challenge and threat to the integrity and security of society and the ability of individuals, their families, and communities to lead productive and rewarding lives. Further, we believe that the scale and scope of the issue has become so pervasive that it constitutes an ongoing global and generational crisis.
  • Therefore, we believe that all communities must have an ability to respond to the needs of their citizens impacted by behavioral health and substance use issues. And much as communities invest in public health, public safety and other crisis response capacities, every community should also have the ability to respond to the public health and safety challenges imposed upon them by behavioral health and substance use issues.